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CHRISTIAN FICTION OR EVANGELISTIC FICTION?--an honest appraisal for thinking Christians By James M. Becher

NOTE: this post is for Christians only.
I wonder if most Christians realize the value of Evangelistic fiction
in reaching the lost. I purposely use the term "Evangelistic fiction" and not "Christian fiction" as I feel there is a difference. Let me explain. "Christian fiction" is fiction written by Christians for Christians, whereas "Evangelistic fiction" is meant primarily to reach the lost. Of course, some Christian fiction also could be used to plant seeds of curiosity or interest. Christian fiction may deal with themes like holding onto faith in the midst of difficult circumstances and seeing God work, while evangelistic fiction brings the reader face to face with the significance of Christ’s death and makes him face the fact that it was for him. My 2 published novels are primarily Evangelistic fiction, although they could be called Christian fiction as well, since they can serve as entertainment for Christians. My main purpose in writing them, however, was to reach unbelievers. Thus, Some Christians may even find some things in them objectionable. For example, the non-Christian characters in my sci-fi novel sometimes use words like "dang." Well what can you expect from non-Christians? I tried to keep it acceptable while trying to get into the mind of the characters, as yet unsaved (till the end).
One character in my Biblical novel uses the word "confounded" although his wife rebukes him for it. There are also elements of romance in my Biblical novel ("God forbid"---that's one reaction I've had from some Christians.) Well as I said, I wasn't writing for you. I didn't intend to write lily white stories for pious Christians to enjoy, although--don't get me wrong--aside from the things I have already mentioned and perhaps the presence of a bar-room/brothel, my novels do make for good clean reading. I write for God’s glory but primarily to reach the lost. My novels have not done well so far at all and I think the reason is that Christians have failed to get the idea. That friend you've been wanting to witness to but haven't found the words, that neighbor who you invited to Church but refused to go, that family member for you've been praying to come to Christ--Why not give them a work of evangelistic fiction as a gift? It can serve as a sort of door opener or ice breaker to start them thinking along the lines of the gospel. They may even change their attitude toward the gospel just from reading the novel. Then, later you can follow up by asking them how they enjoyed it, what they thought, etc. Of course, it might be good if you would have read it also, just so you know what they would be talking about. Of course my novels are not the only evangelistic novels available today. In fact, I've listed quite a few others for your consideration in my slide show to the right and my store (the link just above the slide show or any or the "evangelistic fiction" links in this post.) All I'm saying is that we Chrsitians should consider using these kinds of tools in our evangelistic efforts.

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REVIEWS OF "OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM, A Novel of Biblical Times"

1) Review by Viviane Crystal of
Beneath every human beings virtues and foibles, a singular hunger lies waiting for a revelation which will create a powerful direction that supercedes all other human goals. James M. Becher takes the reader back to the lifetime of Jesus Christ, into the homes, conversations, and deeds of ordinary and extraordinary individuals who were so deeply affected by the birth of this man. Meet Manaheem, Herod's foster brother, who on one hand attempts to influence history by helping his brother to unseat Pontius Pilate, the Roman Procurator, and on the other hand who knows there is something more to life than the grasping machinations he plans and which his brother carries out. Observe Pilate, the ruler who holds a most undesirable position of authority in a world so unlike the Rome he loves and whose spiritual wife attempts to influence her husband from committing acts sure to doom his political career and damn his all too human soul. Watch Timotheus, a beggar, who is deeply affected by Jesus' appearances but whose openness is constantly redirected by his companion, Lucas's, desire for more money.Finally, meet Barabbas, a simple blacksmith who is engaged to carry out a coup against Pilate and who turns to robbery after the political plot fails. On the one hand he is portrayed as any ordinary crook but on the other hand has the same innate needs that will promise less futile struggling and more peacefulness and security. The man whose death sentence replaces that of Barabbas continues to haunt him so much that he follows the condemned prisoner's path and demise to its very last moment.Earthly plots fail and the horrendous dying process Jesus experiences, accompanied by a desperate plea to God, compassionate words, and a moving surrender to his mission, affects everyone involved in this momentous event. Read this book to discover the fictional yet all too probable, and powerful, effect of one man sent to speak to the heart of every human being within this novel and those who read it.Very nicely written, J. M. Becher!

2) A Novel of Substance, October 27, 2003 Review by A reader from Yorkshire England I felt is was a gripping and powerful read that held me in Intrigue and suspense. A book that could be enjoyed by Christians and non Christians alike. I would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends.

3)Review by Rudelle Thomas in the January issue of Divine Eloquence: (
Of Such Is The Kingdom is a fictional novel based on Biblical truths. James Becher has artfully taken the events surrounding Jesus' time here on earth and told what could have been from each characters perspective. The story has a powerful message that has clearly been displayed throughout the novel. Mr. Becher takes you through a wide range of emotions from beginning to end. As you turn the final pages having just been taken through Jesus' last days on earth, you are left not only feeling grateful for what He's done for us, but also hopeful and joyful, knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ affects and changes the lives of all who hears it. This is a great novel that I'm sure you will enjoy!
Of Such Is the Kingdom: A Novel of Biblical Times >

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IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY is truely a sci-fi (science fiction) novel (specifically a time-travel novel) with a purpose!! A unique science fiction / fantasy adventure novel as well as a unique type of Christian fiction, both blended with historical fiction--all rolled into one great sci-fi / fantasy adventure novel.
What do these historical eras have in common: 1)the california gold rush, 2)early colonial America, 3)the renaissance, 4)the reformation, 5)the time of Camelot and 6)the Roman era? They all contain valuable lessons which point to the ultimate truth.

What do a group of future scientists from all over the world have in common? A desire for truth, hope for a bright future and a belief in a Divine being, but a disbelief in a Savior.

Put all of the above elements together and you have an explosive formula for a great sci-fi (science fiction) novel, a fantasy adventure novel which could also be of interest to fans of historical fiction and Christian fiction as well as those of science fiction. It's truely an important work of Christian fiction as it uses the vehicle of science fiction as well as history itself to clarify several aspects of the Christian faith and present the gosple message. Yet, it is an engrosing sci-fi adventure novel to say the least.

In the future, when time-travel is theoretically proven an universally accepted, a group of scientists of all faiths decide to try to time-travel back to the Garden of Eden in order to prevent the fall of man and thus put an end to all sin, sickness and disease. They manage to gain the backing for the project from a wealthy financier. The trouble is, they can only go back 200 years, more or less, at a time and will have to make repairs to the time cylinder at every stop. Thus, they visit the historical california gold rush and then early Colonial America. Then, they are pulled forward unexpectedly to a future time of trouble, where robots serve, and forced to fight in a senseless war. They manage to break free and take off only to discover they have a stow away. But the stow away has a device which will help them to go further back with each leap. Thus, they then time-travel to the Renaissance and meet the historical figure, Leonardo Da Vincie, But, by mistake they take off without the stow away and his device. Then, they are pulled forward again, but only to the time of the Reformation, where they meet Martin Luther and have an argument over faith. Then, with the help of a new fuel formula, using alcohol, they manage to arrive at Camelot and finally, Ancient Jerusalem, where they at last realize the real answer--the true end and goal of their mission.

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Excerpts, etc., on other blog

More excerpts from both novels & my synopsis of "OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM" on my regular blog: CLICK HERE

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Reviewer: Tami Brady
Impossible Journey is reminiscent of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with a unique Christian twist. In the year 2025, a team of researchers (representing various cultures and religious beliefs) create a time machine. The aim of this mission is to go back in time to the Garden of Eden to warn Adam and Eve not to be tempted by the serpent. The team hypothesizes that if this event can be altered, then sickness, death, and war will disappear not only from the modern world but also throughout human history. Thus, the face of humankind would forever change with this one act. The journey contains a number of twists, turns, and unique challenges as the team members are chaotically thrown into various significant events in human history. During this journey, the team meets various famous personages such as Martin Luther, King Arthur, and Jesus. Through a series of coincidences, the team also gets a peak into a bleak future awaiting the team if they fail in their mission. The ending of their journey will warm the heart of any Christian and intensify his or her faith.

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